Marque Lubricants

Below is the list of products available. If you would like information on these products please select product info.
Diesel Oils
Monograde 30 API: CF/CF2/SG1030 product-info
Monograde 40 API: CF/CF2/SG1031 product-info
Monograde 50 API: CF/CF2/SG1032 product-info
Syntech 10W/30 1060 product-info
Multifleet LA SAE 15W/40 API: CG4/SL2000 product-info
Diesel Plus SAE 15W/40 API: CH4 / SL2001 product-info
Diesel Power-Max SAE 15W/40 API:C14/SL2002 product-info
Ultramax 15W/40 CJ-42004 product-info
Eurotech E6 10W/40 (synthetic)2009 product-info
Unifleet 15W/40 API: CF4/SH2032 product-info
Turbo Diesel 15W/40 CI-4 Semi Syn2033 product-info
Semi Synthetic 15W/40 CH-42034 product-info
DD 40 API: CF-2, CF/SG2200 product-info
Unifleet 10W2210 product-info
Unifleet HD 30 API: CF/CF2/SG2230 product-info
Unifleet HD 40 API: CF/CF2/SG2240 product-info
Unifleet HD 50 API: CF/CF2/SG2250 product-info
Petrol Engine Oils
Multi-Lube 20W/50 API: SL/CF41004 product-info
Formula Plus 15W/50 API: SL/CF1010 product-info
Hiz Multi-Lube 20W/50 SL/CF1015 product-info
Low-Vis 10W/30 API: SL/GF31020 product-info
Low Vis 10W/401021 product-info
Performance 40W/70 API: SL/CF1040 product-info
Syntech 10W/30 SL/CF (synthetic)1060 product-info
Syntech 10W/40 SL/CF1061 product-info
Syntech H 5W/50 SL/CF (synthetic)1063 product-info
Supreme SM 10W/401104 product-info
Competition 25W/60 API: SL/CF1601 product-info
Syntech M 5W/40 SL/CF (synthetic)9160 product-info
Syntech L 5W/30 SL/CF (synthetic)9181 product-info
Marine Oils
Premium Outboard: TC-W31950 product-info
Marine G 301955 product-info
Super Tractor Oil (STOU) API: CF4/GL4/SF2600 product-info
Power Trans TO-4 303730 product-info
Power Trans TO-4 503750 product-info
Hydro Trans U.T.T.O 4200 product-info
Transmission Oils
ATF DX-IIIG3100 product-info
ATF DX-II3101 product-info
ATF 95 LE3200 product-info
ATF TYPE M3300 product-info
Power Trans TO-4 SAE 10W3710 product-info
Power Trans TO-4 SAE 303730 product-info
Power Trans TO-4 SAE 503750 product-info
Syntech Multi-Trans (synthetic)9340 product-info
Premium CVT Fluid9360 product-info
Honda CVT Fluid9380 product-info
Gear Oils
Gearbox Light4000 product-info
Multi-Gear 80W/90 API: GL5/PG2 MT-14004 product-info
Gear Oil LS 904006 product-info
EP 85W/140 Gear Lubricant API: GL-5 MT-14007 product-info
Gear Oil LS 1404009 product-info
Gearlube 75W/90 GL-44013 product-info
Gearlube 75W/90 API: GL5 MT-14016 product-info
Gear Oil 80W4019 product-info
Syntech LS 75W/90 API: GL5 MT-19410 product-info
Powerdrive LS 80W/1409420 product-info
Industrial Gear Lubricant EP 1507022 product-info
Industrial Gear Lubricant EP 220 7023 product-info
Industrial Gear Lubricant EP 3207024 product-info
EP 680 Industrial Gear Oil7026 product-info
Hammer Drill 3207036 product-info
Air Tool 687040 product-info
Vacuum Pump Oil7070 product-info
Slideway 687080 product-info
Heat Transfer Oil7102 product-info
Neatcut SS7120 product-info
Soluble Cutting Oil7125 product-info
Specialty Products
Brake Fluid Dot 46010 product-info
Brake Fluid Dot 36011 product-info
Anti-Freeze/ Anti-Boil 6030 product-info
Fuel Tech (Concentrated Fuel Treatment)6052 product-info
Power Steering Fluid6074 product-info
Lithplex TAC EP2 Grease9003 product-info
Molylithplex TAC EP2 Grease9006 product-info
Truck & Farm Grease9008 product-info
Bio-Tech Saw Guide Oil9028 product-info
Bio-Tech Chain Oil9030 product-info
Hydraulic & Compressor
Harvester Blue Hydraulic 683699 product-info
Hydraulic Oil 10W3700 product-info
Hydraulic AW ISO 155000 product-info
Hydraulic AW ISO 225001 product-info
Hydraulic AW 325002 product-info
Hydraulic AW 465003 product-info
Hydraulic AW 685004 product-info
Hydraulic AW 1005005 product-info
Hydraulic AW ISO 1505006 product-info
Hydraulic HVI 155101 product-info
Hydraulic HVI 32 (High Viscosity Index)5102 product-info
Hydraulic HVI 46 (High Viscosity Index)5103 product-info
Hydraulic HVI 68 (High Viscosity Index)5104 product-info
Hydraulic HVI 100 (High Viscosity Index)5105 product-info
Zinc Free Hydraulic 685119 product-info
Compress AC 467011 product-info
Compressor AC 687012 product-info
Compressor AC 1007013 product-info
Bio-Tech Hydraulic9024 product-info
Biotech Hydraulic 689026 product-info
Mower Shop
4-Stroke SAE 30 (RED) API: SF/CD 1830 product-info
4 Stroke Engine Oil 10W/301831 product-info
2 Stroke General Purpose TC API: TC (GREEN)1900 product-info
High Performance 2 Stroke (Blue) Semi Synthetic1902 product-info
Ultra Cut Chain & Bar6055 product-info
Cleaning Products
Safe Solvent Degreaser4260 product-info
Bio-Tech Degreaser6038 product-info
Muck Off Handcleaner6041 product-info
Solvent Degreaser6045 product-info
Vehicle Wash6053 product-info