Otech Australia have been supplying both the Australian and New Zealand Road Industry with a range of associated products for over a decade.

These include:
Bitumen Adhesion Agents  >>>TMR Registered Adhesion Agents<<<
Aggregate Precoating Agents  >>>TMR Precoat Approval 2018<<<
Bitumen Release Agent
Bitumen Paints
High Flash Solvent Cutter
Elasto Seal  Product Datasheet   Product Safety Datasheet

Otech Australia works closely with Main Roads Departments & Contractors alike to guarantee that our products meet the stringent demands in relation to specifications, quality and safety. Products are manufactured and supplied under strict Quality control procedures which comply with the various road authority and contractor requirements. Otech Australia have achieved third party assurance accreditation through Sci-Qual International.

Products are specifically formulated to ensure applicable standards called for by both State and National Authorities are met.